Monday, April 13, 2009

They Call It "Best FPS Sniper Rifle"

Strangely enough for a game that’s got everybody so nitpicky and middling in their scores the one place that Killzone 2 excels is in it’s weaponry, specifically the sniper rifle. I maintain that this is the best SR since GoldenEye showed us how to do it, and it’s for such a simple reason as control.

As warped and twisted as our hands become trying to grasp the slippery eel of the PS3 Dual Shock, and as much as our confused fingers end up resembling a plate of fat spaghetti, as we search for purchase on the triggers, once you’re looking down the sights of this bad boy it all becomes clear. We can let go of the nubby thumbsticks with their suppurating pustule rubber buttons on top and just lightly tilt the pad left, right, up and down and as long as you are pointed in the general direction of a Helghan warrior you can ease the sights dead center between his glowing red eyes and squeeze off a round or two to encourage his propaganda-addled brain to launch through the back of his Kojak slap-head.

It’s delightful, and if only it didn’t require you to wrestle your avatar into cover to initiate, it might be the perfect weapon. We need more PS3 developers making subtle use of the tilty control. Not in a way that’s crucial to the game, but in little ways that make you smile in the knowledge that you’re not going to find that feature anywhere else.


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