Saturday, July 26, 2008

Microsoft - Bungie Split?

As we all know, or should know, Microsoft decided to NOT show Bungie's new halo game a week back during E3. In an effort to save valuable E3 time, Microsoft did not let Bungie show their new game, that they ARE developing. Many said that the conference was going to be around 3 hours but ended up being 90 minutes.

Bungie has always been (or at least have appeared) to be concerned about their fan's happiness. Not until after E3 did they realize that they disappointed their fans who were awaiting the Halo news. Of course this caused quite a bit of clatter and chat between Microsoft and Bungie. Well you may say that's odd, why weren't they concerned before E3? When Microsoft informed Bungie that their Halo time got the "boot", they weren't too concerned until they noticed they were not helping the welfare of their fans.

Speaking about fans, Bungie President was quoted saying this about the incident, “Keeping things clean, I certainly didn’t agree with the decision to delay our news until sometime after E3. Bungie is always concerned first and foremost with our fans. Whenever we are prevented from exceeding their positive expectations it is not a laughing matter."

As you can see, Ryan Harold wasn't exactly happy with the decision and the Microsoft-Bungie relationship is not going so swell as of right now. Hopefully things get better soon or there could be some major changes.


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