Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guitar Hero/Rockband Combination?

At Activision's E3 press conference Tuesday, Guitar Hero director Brian Bright told the crowd that if they already owned guitar controllers and drum controllers from "previous games" on the Xbox 360, they'd work with Guitar Hero World Tour.

What Activision didn't say is how that will actually work, considering that Rock Band drums have four pad inputs and Guitar Hero World Tour has five.

UPDATE: Here's how it'll work. Speaking with Bright after the conference, I found out that the game's five-button drum track, shown above center, will be compressed down to four inputs if a Rock Band drum controller is inserted.

There's also a MIDI jack on the back of the drum kit, Bright said, which will allow gamers to play Guitar Hero with any electronic drum kit by simply plugging it into the controller. You can also hook up a second drum pedal if you want to play two bass drums.

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