Friday, September 5, 2008

Xbox 360 Hard Drive gets Price Cut!

Now that the Xbox 360 line-up has been giving a serious price gutting in the US of A, the cuts continue, with the 120GB hard drive seeing a $30 reduction. Previously at $179, it would have been an even harder prospective purchase for anyone picking up a $199 Xbox 360 Arcade. The hard drive add on is now slightly more reasonably* priced at $149 at both EBGames and Amazon. The Expensive hard drive was as mentioned earlier $179 and highly overpriced. Of course $149 is a big drop, but I wouldn't expect to much more effort from Microsoft to get things going. Unless of Course they start giving out free Microsoft Points. And until they do check out my top posts to the left for more info on how to get free microsoft points.

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