Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mind - Controlled Wii in the Near Future?

Ever wanted to feel the power of the X-Men? Well now there could be the possibility of being one of the greatest ones by using the Nintendo Wii? Some have had a crazy though that some day a mind-control device will come into the market, and will be the distributed into the Nintendo Wii console.

T3 believes that sometime in the future, approximately 2010, there will be a Wii headset which will use brainwaves to control our onscreen characters such as, Professor X. The Wii headset should also feature a high-tech, in-ear headphone for the sound effects, and the Wii's controller would be updated to having only one button to point and press.

Gaming via brainwave activity isn't a new or novel idea; there have been many other tests by developers and such. So the idea of a Wii headset that uses brainwaves isn't as out of reach as it may sound to someone such as ourselves.

Of course, if this comes about, the whole point of exercising and moving through the Wii would become void.


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