Friday, July 18, 2008

55 Ways to Make the Front Page (Turning "Digg" into "Dugg")

There are many of you out there, just trying to get out in the open and have no clue how to do it. Well guess what neither did I till I stop being an idiot and actually started thinking about it. I put together a list of how to get your "digg!" into "dugg"

  1. Talk about Google
  2. No, Microsoft isn't good, they suck, suck, and suck some more
  3. Be catchy
  4. Use some cool charts and stuff that even the top nerds find interesting
  5. Talk about major events
  6. Talk about the doom of Global Warming
  7. Bush NEVER does anything right (capitalize on that)
  8. Use Buzz Words
  9. Mention Youtube
  10. Digg users love Ubuntu, talk about it!
  11. Analyze, Analyze...wait... then Analyze some more
  12. Talk about Digg (Who doesn't want people to see stuff about themselves?)
  13. Nobody likes Walmart - Talk about it!
  14. Say Apple at least fifteen times and see what happens
  15. Put the word iPhone in your post in really big letters (jk)
  16. Make fun of as many groups as possible
  17. Make a tutorial (*hint*)
  18. Don't have friends? Get them!
  19. Shout to all your friends and tell them to Digg, digg, digg
  20. Also digg your friends back
  21. Select a good niche, like technology (I like the word niche)
  22. Digg watches for Blogs
  23. You need at least 50 diggs for the front page (but have lots more to be safe)
  24. Try and get many diggs right of the bat so your digginess rate gets higher
  25. If your blog posts are trying for the front page, make sure they are worth it
  26. Blogs don't get to the front page often unless they are really popular
  27. Digg is a game, learn to play it!
  28. The great diggers get practically 30 free diggs!
  29. Find Good Diggers
  30. Post Fast
  31. Digg back fast
  32. Use Good Description
  33. Make your description so people want more
  34. Use attractive titles
  35. Feeds give you fast sources of news
  36. Appeal to Apple Geeks
  37. Who doesn't love firefox, Mention it!
  38. Even if you don't, pretend you hate Microsoft
  39. Talk about Scientology or big controversies, like whether Pres. Bush is right about corn being a messed up banana.
  40. Mention controversial Figures
  41. Make a list (*hint*)
  42. Use a cool profile icon
  43. Let's think, Create a Digg Account!
  44. Digg stories from the upcoming stories section
  45. Digg your friends regularly, not a little bit
  46. Get an idea of how many diggs you normally get and play off of that
  47. Try and comment on stories you think will hit the front page.
  48. Don't submit directly to the general category
  49. Add anyone that diggs your stories as a friend
  50. Create a list of places to scour for stories
  51. Don't post your story until you know you can get those first 20 diggs
  52. It's all a game and the top diggers are gamers!
  53. Keep building your network
  54. Follow and Digg interesting stories
  55. Make Friends with the top posters
Now that you know 55 Ways to get on the Front Page of Digg, what to do next? Get on the Front Page! The last step is to invest as much time trying to get on the front page of Digg as you did reading this post. Enjoy!


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