Friday, July 18, 2008

Microsoft Disappointment at E3

We all know Microsoft releases the good, great, bad, and even the awful. For example, we all expected to see Microsoft attempt to clear up their name with all the bad Windows games they had released; unfortunately, nothing near that occured.

On most occasions, E3 is an event that keeps everyone busy, but without anytalk about PC's and such, one group was left alone. This year PC gamers did not have anything to take out of E3. Even though some were left out, it was not all bad. On the good side, there were some good previews of the Xbox 360’s attempt to look like Wii, PS3 trying to add Wii like features, and the Wii itself trying to displease the hardcore gaming fan base. Those things aside, many were waiting for the big PC gaming announcement... but it ceased to exist. (Check out my other posts for more on Microsoft copying others.

According to the IGN global director, E3 is the battle of the consoles... at least that is what us fans consider it to be. The time spent on stage is not about what is going to be released it is about how fellow consoles will crush each other in the competition. The PC is rather a software enabled device rather than a major gaming console. Now if it is a gaming console, it would have gotten more time at E3.

The bit of hope that is still out there is that the global director mentioned that 2 weeks before, they had gone to San Francisco and talked about new games, their releases, and so on. This was the only glimpse that Microsoft had not shut down their gaming line for PC's only because Vista users had already made the switch.


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