Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Copying" is Bad According to Sony

Lately, with the release of the new Xbox Dashboard and its new features and talk about the Wii Remote has caused a lot of rumble.

First off, the release of the New Dashboard Update is the next best thing to Halo 3. Secondly, Imitation (Microsoft's strong point) is the second best thing to flattery. Microsoft does great things, but Sony might be good on this point. Microsoft sucks at coming up with things on their own. Here are a few examples of things they have or are going to steal.

  • Wii Remote (Sony is too)
  • Facebook type interfaces
  • Social interfaces
  • Optimize there income with other ideas
Yeah, Microsoft takes a lot of things but think about it. Here are also a few things that have been stolen from them.
  • "Points idea" (Check out my top posts for how to get free Microsoft Points)
Oh wait, thats all there is. Although Microsoft is the leader of the gaming buz, they don't always get that spot because of their own ideas. Sony says copying is not the way they are going after Microsoft claimed their dashboard to be a much fresher approach than their competitors.

If you ask me, Sony is right on this one and that Microsoft needs to make one amazing thing on their own. Unless they feel like copying the PS3's free live idea, I'm all for that!


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