Friday, July 11, 2008

The Guide: Free Microsoft Points

If you didn't read my previous post (the one below this), I highly suggest doing so. The post explains how to get free Microsoft Points. My site hasn't been very big, but I have recieved a lot of traffic through that post, and because of that I would like to tell you some easy offers so you can get those free Microsoft Points quicker. These offers will get you very close to your free Microsoft Points in about 10 minutes if completed. These offers may not all still be there, but they were when I just recently checked. Here is the site.

Just enter your email or other quick answer:

Alliance for Climate Protection 0.35

Predicto Mobile - Cell Submit (no pin, doesn’t need to be your cell) 0.35

RemedyLife 0.5

Popeyes Chicken Premium 0.4

XBox 360 Halo 0.6

Autumn Cookbook 0.5

$100 Red Lobster Gift Card 0.45

Free Hot Chocolate 0.35

BigWin: Laptop 0.3

COB: Target GC 0.25

List credited to the creator of LTNGamers

Those offers total 4.05 points towards your free Microsoft Points. There are many other offers you can complete to earn your free Microsoft Points. That is just a list of a few of the simple 15 second offers. As I find new, easy offers I will edit this list to let you know. So good luck and have fun getting your free Microsoft Points.


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