Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Free Microsoft Points" Sweeping Xbox Live

EDIT: The real way to get free Microsoft Points is to look at the top right of the page for the top posts or you can sign up at this link (the one that says "They"). They don't require any of that info.

Always remember, major companies will never ask for your personal and secure information... and its the fact that some people don't listen that gets them in trouble. In fact, the only true sites that offer free Microsoft Points, are the ones who don't need your "cash" involved info.

A scam, which has been around for a pretty long period of time, promises free Microsoft Points when you log into your .net Passport account. The site doing so and anysite that needs your personal info, is 100% fake and will only lead to a your pockets being emptied.

We know this isn't the first, nor will it be the last, site to attempt to scam you but we hope to echo what you all should already know.

Keep these few things in mind when searching for a way to get free Microsoft Points. (These three things are credited to

  1. Microsoft will only give points away during official contests that ALWAYS link directly back to a Microsoft site and those contests are always widely reported on X3F, Joystiq and other gaming sites
  2. Never, no matter what you're promised, log into your account unless on officially sanctioned Xbox sites (,,, etc.)
  3. Never give away your user name and password to anyone and remember Microsoft will never ask for this information
  4. Never give away your account details, including credit card information and mailing address
Not that it is a bad thing to search for a way to get free Microsoft Points, but don't get caught in the scams like sites try to pull.


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