Sunday, July 13, 2008

The New Era Rapid Fire Controller!

Well, with all the gamers and games out there today, you wonder how the competitors are getting the advantage. In Halo 2, it went from BxB's to Quad Shots, but where is the advantage now. Three Words, Rapid Fire controllers. I, myself, have recently bought a Rapid Fire controller. I am here to give a one on however many there are, review. These Rapid Fire controllers come equipped with many different thing so I will review each aspect of my (it sounds cool to say this, Limited Edition Spartan Fully Modded Rapid Fire Controller for the Bumper Jumper Layout) The Rapid Fire Controllers were found at

Rapid Fire - The rapid fire is my favorite, because in Halo 3 it allows you to hold the your trigger down and the gun will keep firing at the maximum rate the game will allow it to. For example, I can hold the trigger and keep firing my BR while I can concentrate more on my aiming and pwning noobs. Rapid Fire gets a 9.7/10 for me.

Insant Sticky - The Instant Sticky isn't exactly as it sounds. What happens when you press a button is that you melee your opponent, then start backing up while your player will automatically throw a sticky directly at your opponent. It doesn't always stick, so it's more like an instant kill. The melee takes their shield down, then the sticky either sticks or kills them with splash damage. Overall, I give Instant Sticky a 8.97/10

BxB - The BxB is the only working double melee I know that still works for Halo 3. The combination is not very complex but the speed it needs to be done in basicly can't be done by human hands. I love this, because I camp around a corner, wait for my noob, hit him once then half a second later, send him flying. There isn't much to say except for how awesome this is. I give Gamermodz BxB a 9.89/10

Overall the controller should get around a 9.4/10 and I think it is an excellent Rapid Fire controller. I'll admit that the Rapid Fire controller is a bit pricy but it is totally worth it. Now go enjoy your own Rapid Fire controller anytime soon!


Anonymous July 13, 2008 at 10:15 AM  

so . . . you can't win on your own?

Andrew Rodgers July 13, 2008 at 11:40 AM  

it's not that I can't win on my own. I just am a nerdy kinda person who enjoys messing with things. Would you like to see my account stats on the account without using the controller. Plus, I'd like to add that everyone should check out the free ms points post because it pays for anything you want, like my Rapid Fire Controller.

Anonymous November 20, 2008 at 12:15 PM  

ha! pwng noobs you say.
sounds like ur the noob. Dont call them noobs if you need a "magical" controller. And that whole check my stats without it, how can u prove that? you most likely boosted, instead of earning anything the right way. Yeah I fight noobs like you all the time, it pisses me off but I still beat them. Nothing like real skill to bring out the real winners at the end. enjoy the 2 bucks you got from me visisting your site. And dont bother responding. no one will read it. I just wanted to see what cheaters say and do. Like to know my enemy and his strategy. might help you be a decent gamer one day.

Anonymous July 1, 2009 at 9:51 AM  

GAMERMODZ customer service is terrible. I had to send my controller back because it wouldn't work at all with the Spartan laser or SMG's. They wont return phone calls.

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