Monday, June 23, 2008

Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Beatles? What a Combination!

How would you feel to soon be playing to the sound of the Beatles' music on your instruments?

Apple Corporation and EMI, which handle the Beatles' business ownership and such have recently talked with MTV and Activision about...well... introducing them into Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The deal is supposedly pushing several million, but who knows what is in store for the gaming community.

As we all know, Rock Band and Guitar Hero have been the biggest hit video games involved instrumentally if not the only ones. Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero are available on consoles which may lower the sales companies bring in, but who cares about that anyway? The Financial Times reports that the move to push the Beatles onto video games could occur anytime in the upcoming weeks.

Both, the Beatles' representatives and the game publishers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band (Activision/MTV) denied to say whether such a deal was confirmed to occur.


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